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Our Legal Services

We provide professional and timely legal advice and representation to our clients in all areas of Family Law.

We understand the sensitivity of the family matters and handle them with great empathy. We have represented clients in the District/ Family Court in relationship property, day to day care and contact issues, domestic violence, guardianship, welfare guardian and property manager applications.

We strive to find cost-effective and less stressful options for our clients and achieve the desired outcome for them at favourable terms. While providing legal advice to our client in family areas, we are always mindful of the interests of the children of the family and handle such matters with great deal of caution and delicacy.

Expert Areas

Protection Order Applications/ defence

Paternity Applications

Dissolution of Marriage

Guardianship Matters

Relationship Property Matters

Day to Day Care/ contact Applications

Welfare guardian and property manager applications.


We are here to help

We are listed Legal Aid providers and are able to represent the clients (in family matters including relationship property) who have insufficient means of pay their legal costs and are eligible for the grant of Legal Aid. We suggest to our clients pragmatic solutions to their family issues.

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