Temporary rule changes for Queenstown Labour Market Test

To reflect particularly strong growth in the tourism industry in the Queenstown region, the Ministers of Tourism and Immigration have agreed to temporarily waive the labour market test requirement under the Essential Skills work visa policy for certain occupations. The labour market test requires that an employer makes genuine attempts to fill a vacancy and that there is a shortage of New Zealanders available to take up the role. The waiver will be in place until 30 June 2015.
The labour market test has been removed for visa applications to work in occupations that are

Work visa applicants for these occupations will not have to provide evidence from their potential employer of demonstrating genuine attempts to fill the vacancy with a New Zealander.

Work visa applications not covered by the waiver

ANZSCO Skill level 4-5 occupations that are not on the Ministry of Social Development’s exemption list are still subject to a labour market test. Employers are required to list vacancies with Work and Income before submitting work visa applications.

Employers wanting to fill roles throughout the season can contact Work and Income via the Queenstown Community Link on 03 901 0930 or via email on QTO_Immigrationchecks@workandincome.govt.nz.

Work and Income will provide the employer with a letter confirming whether or not the vacancy can be filled. This letter must be submitted with the work visa application. This removes the need for INZ to confirm that there are no New Zealanders available with Work and Income or for the employer to provide evidence of advertising with the work visa application.

Source: www.immigration.govt.nz


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